• "As far as concept albums go, this one wins hands down." Rock-A-Rolla, review of Kinison - Goldthwait
  • "With “Kinison, Goldthwait”, then, Saul demonstrates his remarkable range as a musician." Foxy Digitalis
  • "Saul's Kinison - Goldthwait is truly intriguing in that it emits such strong character and presence. Providing the listener with an intensely emotional and complex experience, both unsettling and calming. The moods swing - often harshly - making the listener all the more grateful for the resolving tensions. I wanted to listen to this straight after it had finished, a highly accomplished piece." Futuresequence
  • "Coming across like Yellow Swans after a hefty dose of Ketamine, this track is the perfect representation of Saul’s style – well composed, almost beautiful, but tense and seismic in its use of grit and dirt." Boomkat, Kinison- Goldthwait review
  • "An auspicious introduction to a collection that identifies Saul as someone who may share certain things in common with the singer-songwriter tradition but shares just as much with explorative electronic practices too. The combination of vocals and guitar-generated sound sculpting makes for an unusual and arresting mix, and one that helps Saul's album separate itself from the competition." Textura, Harsh, Final review

(below) Kinison - Goldthwait review in Mojo Magazine
(left) Liondialer in Mojo Rising. (above) Harsh, Final review in Gonzo Circus Magazine. (above right) Kinison - Goldthwait review, Mojo magazine

(below) Harsh, Final review, De:Bug Magazine

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