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Selected mastering credits:

Glarus ‘Then and When’ (label TBC), 2017.

Heavy Sentence ‘Protector/Darkest Hour’ 7”, 2017.

Vanishing ‘Vanishing’, Tombed Visions, 2017.

Seasons (pre-din) ‘Distortion of the Cell’, 2017.

XUP ‘Broken Doll’ Cherry Vitriol Records, 2016.

Warm Widow ‘Childless’, Filthy Home Recordings, 2014.

The Raah Project ‘Take Me Elsewhere’ (+ Silkie and Goth Trad remixes), Equinox Recordings, 2015.

Easter ‘ Innocence Man’ White Box Recordings, 2012.

Wode (s/t) Total Summoning, 2011.

Stranger Son ‘Luna Marseille’ White Box Recordings, 2011.


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