2016 Novars Research Centre, University of Manchester 

PhD in Music (Electroacoustic Composition)
Grade: A1 (no corrections)
Supervisor: Professor David Berezan
Funded by AHRC (full award: fees and maintenance) 

2012 Novars Research Centre, University of Manchester 

Master of Music (MusM Electroacoustic Composition)
Grade: Distinction
Supervisors: Professor David Berezan and Professor Ricardo Climent 

1997 University of Salford 

BA (Hons) Popular Music and Recording (Grade 2:1) 

Technical director forCut&Splice Festival 
(Hallé St.Peter’s and Hallé St. Michael’s, Manchester, January – March 2017 )
Overseeing and facilitating the staging of two concerts of electroacoustic music for the prestigious Cut and Splice Festival at the Hallé St. Peter’s and Hallé St. Michael’s venues, as curated by the Distractfold Ensemble. Both concerts featured several world premiere works from internationally renowned composers requiring a variety of complex performance setups, accommodating instruments, electronics, multi-channel fixed media works, audio/visual performances and installations.

Technical director for MANTIS (Manchester Theatre in Sound) Electroacoustic Festival  
(University of Manchester, 2013 – 2016)
Overseeing the design and implementation of a large-scale 48 loudspeaker concert system (biannually) as part of my PhD research at the University of Manchester. This included planning of rehearsals, creation of complex on-stage plugging plans, performance system software modification/attenuation and general running of the concert system throughout the two day festival, facilitating sound checks and rehearsals.

Technical director for Sines & Squares Modular Synthesis Festival and Conference  
(University of Manchester, 2014 – 2016)
Responsible for running several concerts featuring a variety of complex performance setups including multi-channel live electronics works, audio/visual pieces and instrument/electronics works. Also responsible for the design of a mid-size (16-25 loudspeaker) concert performance system.

– Certified Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

– Certified Graduate Teaching Assistant (University of Manchester, 2012)

Contributed to the delivery and content of University of Manchester undergraduate modules in: 

Sonic invention and sound design (1st year module 2013 - 2017).

Fixed media and interactive electroacoustic composition (2nd year module, 2014 – 2015).
Live and interactive performance systems (2nd year module, 2016 – 2017).

Electroacoustic composition portfolio (3rd year module, taught from 2014 - 2017). 

Music for film (3rd year module, 2016 – 2017).

Music and consumption in the digital age (2nd year module, 2016). 

During May/June 2016 I taught postgraduate (masters degree) students delivering modules including interactive tools and composition portfolio covering Professor Berezan’s paternity leave. I have also led a sound diffusion workshop for postgraduate students twice a year since 2013 in conjunction with the MANTIS festival.

In 2012 I taught freelance for Futureworks School of Media (Manchester) delivering undergraduate lectures on audio/visual work, ‘found sound’ composition and audio installations.


My practice-based research focuses on the appropriation of abstract (or remote) sound materials in multi-channel fixed media composition. Denis Smalley’s concepts of Space-form and Spectromorphology are areas of interest in developing methodologies for composition. Sound diffusion performance is also a key area of research. Additional topics include live electronics performance practices, sound synthesis and generative algorithmic performance systems. Research-related departmental roles undertaken include technical director of the biannual MANTIS festival (2013 - 2016), designing and overseeing the implementation of a large-scale 48 loudspeaker sound diffusion performance system as well as regularly contributing to the University of Manchester’s varied music research forums.

I possess expertise in areas of electroacoustic (multi-channel/spatial) composition, computer music performance and improvisation, recording techniques (studio and field recording), music production, audio mastering and post-production, signal processing and synthesis, sound design and coding, the history and analysis of electroacoustic music and aesthetics of composition and performance.
Software skills include Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Reaper, Cubase, Logic and object- based programming environment MAX/MSP. I have twenty five years experience as a guitarist performing in many styles of popular music, having toured and recorded internationally.

My PhD work has been selected for presentation/performance at several peer-reviewed international conferences including: ICMC/SMC 2014 (the International Computer Music Conference), the New York Electroacoustic Music Festival 2014, the Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium 2013, the Sound, Sight, Space and Play Conference 2013 (De Montfort University, Leicester, UK), and International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition (Leeds College of Music 2016 and 2015), and the MANTIS Electroacoustic Festival (University of Manchester). 


Baked Goods Music Distribution, Ducie House, Manchester (2009 – 2011)
  • Project Manager: Overseeing vinyl and CD releases, coordinating costing, manufacture, design, promotion, press and product placement of techno, dubstep and experimental music releases.
  • Record label manager/third party label liaison: I possess a working knowledge of trends and business models within the independent arm of the music industry.

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