Friday, 21 August 2015

September shows with Trianglecuts, Sam Weaver & Michael O' Neill

Haven't updated the site for quite some time now, due to personal reasons / a need for privacy. After a relatively sparse period of live performances (due to focus on studio-based work), I'm delighted to be promoting a new collaborative set of abstract rhythm-heavy laptop sounds in collaboration with the most wonderful Trianglecuts (Gwendolen Osmond), who will be providing a dance performance in response to my computer processes/mangling. We'll be performing at the Old Market Music Festival in Bristol on 5th September (where I'm also honoured to be performing with the incredible Mike O' Neill and Sam Weaver), and again at Islington Mill for what should be a brain-destroying Gesamtkunstwerk session with the badass Dwellings, Vulj, Hess and Khom on 11th September. In addition I'm super-excited to be part of the ensemble for Sam Weaver and Rachel Goodyear's recent Samarbeta residency at Islington Mill on 27th August, providing max/msp processing and quadrophonic sound spatialisation.