Sunday, 1 April 2012


My work is currently leading me to explore the potential in multi-channel composition, having recently performed my first sound diffusion at the MANTIS spring festival 2012, over a 42 Genelec monitor-strong system.

Inspired by the works of composers including Jonty Harrison, Denis Smalley, Andrew Lewis, Adrian Moore and (my supervisor and mentor!), David Berezan, I'm becoming increasingly drawn towards concepts of sound spatialisation, diffusion and the focus on space in studio and live environments.

I'm currently developing a MAX/MSP patch (my first attempt at working with MAX actually), which will allow the user to be able to diffuse a stereo 2-channel fixed piece across eight channels (a ring of eight speakers), and will also allow for live sound to be inputted, transformed and distributed through the same system, independent of the fixed (stereo) elements. I'm hoping to develop further possibilities for more live interaction in fixed performance environments, over the next twelve months as part of my research work.

That's enough sexy-sound-talk for now!