Tuesday, 20 April 2010

GAS Festival

I'm delighted to announce I will be performing two shows at the Gothenburg Art Sounds festival in May...provided the whole Iceland/volcanic-ash/plane-stopper thang is resolved...

The festival runs from Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th May, including performances from William Basinski, Master Musicians of Bukkake, Svarte Greiner, Phill Niblock & Thomas Ankersmit, Blood Stereo, Iraqi Bodies, Keith Rowe / Kjell Bjørgeengen / Streifenjunko, and tons more exciting artists. The full programme guide is here.

For my contribution, I'll be playing a solo set on May 3rd as part of the 'warm up' event at at Mitt Andra hem on Andra Långgatan, 7:00pm, but I'd strongly recommend arriving before 6:00pm as Aiden Baker (Nadja) will be performing.

Additionally, I'm performing with my sneaky partner-in-cryme Greg Haines as Liondialer the next night Tuesday 4th May, also at Mitt Andra hem. First up that evening is the mighty, not to be missed Seasons (pre-din) at 7:00pm, followed by us at 8:00pm.