Thursday, 30 July 2009

VPRO Session

Back in early March, the final day of the Liondialer tour was pretty fraught - Greg and I left Drachten in the early hours of the morning, having had very little sleep, and as usual, too much alcohol. The last gig was later that day in Antwerp, but I had been invited to do a radio session for VPRO, which meant a detour to Amsterdam. We were there for four terrifyingly stressful hours, but we also managed to squeeze in a Liondialer session. The end results are now up on the VPRO DWARS page to hear. Seems like the session came out better than I remembered it, but then again, I have a bad habit of listening only for mistakes and faults...out of solo practice, out of tune, time, tired...Christ, I've gotta get over myself! Huge thanks to Berry Kamer for the invitation.