Thursday, 18 June 2009

A Pleasant Blast From The Past....

Maybe (hmm...), a couple of years ago, I submitted a cover of The Afghan Whigs' song 'What Jail Is Like', for possible inclusion on a tribute album to be released by Summer's Kiss. I've been a huge fan of The Afghan Whigs ever since I took the plunge in my teens with 'Congregation' (Sub Pop), an album I still consider to be a masterpiece of American alternative rock. The group's subsequent works went from strength to strength, moving towards an altogether slicker, soulful, 'Stevie Wonder-style', funk driven alt-rock sound - all the while maintaining frontman Greg Dulli's spectacular ability to conjure up some of the most prurient, self-serving lyrical imagery I've ever had the pleasure to encounter. Suffice to say the more vile aspects of Dulli's songwriting influenced my own in a huge way.

My version of the track wasn't included on the final compilation, however I'm very pleased to discover that Summer's Kiss liked it enough to include it (alongside a few other highlight submissions), as a free download on their site, in anticipation of the release. I'm equally flattered by what they had to say about the cover:

'Manchester’s Danny Saul recorded a simple, poetic version of “What Jail is Like”, changing the propulsive rhythm of the original for the subtlety of arpeggio-driven acoustic picking. “What Jail is Like” garnered more submissions than any other song in the Afghan Whigs’ catalog. Danny’s was by far the most subversive and stylistically unique take of those we received and has become a personal favorite.'

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