Saturday, 11 April 2009

Liondialer LIVE! has Full Toss on CD.

"I'll be traveling between ambient drones and comfort are disquieting, to people not familiar with this music will be head and shoulders above the fully turbulent. I draw that." (Google translation of Livedoor, Japan text)

It's almost two weeks since the Liondialer album came out, and I'm pleased so say it's gathered a decent amount of coverage for a first release. You can read the words that people took out of their brains with typie-fingered activity for yours and ours benefit will do nicely on font screens with almost magnificent propelled complacency. By which I mean, when you use google translator to read a review, it's like taking bad psychedelic drugs, but in a good way.

note: at no point here am I taking the mick out of the reviewers - it's all about that genius google translator (however, the Milk Factory review does have a pretty fucking odd take on the English language to my 'untrained heye', that is...hey, we're grateful for all the coverage - thank's for the support y'all).

Big-up to Stuart Maconie at BBC 6 Music for giving us airplay on his spectacularly adventurous show The Freak Zone, Tom Robinson for airplay on 'Introducing' and Steve Barker for the 'On The Wire' show. Oh yeah, before I forget we're also reviewed in the recent Big Issue, and we will be featured in next months Mojo magazine in the Mojo Rising section. Woo-hoo!

Check out the reviews here from The Milk Factory, Mapsadaisical, Soundscaping, Boomkat, Smallfish, my favourite translated review from Subjectivisten/Kaleidoscope, and also Livedoor in Japan.

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