Friday, 27 March 2009

News 2009 - Why I Got Me Some Crazy Product Out Right Now...

Ok, 2009 has started with a fair old burst of activity for me, and as a result, I figured it was time to find a way to document/publicise exactly 'where I'm at', as it were. This seems like the most appropriate way to get the job done, seeing as how I haven't updated my website for quite some time, so here goes.

The tail end of 2008 saw the completion and also the birth of a few projects I have been involved in; first up was the Stranger Son of WB recordings I played bass on. The limited edition 12" release of 'Engine' (WHITEBOX 001) is not only a very saucy pressing, but also soon to be sold out, as in gone forever (with the possible exception of being able to obtain a grubbied copy from ebay for up to... maybe £5 (in real money). Those in the know should get it while it's hot.

Following this, the Stranger Son of WB album 'Einstein's Getaway' was released in February, also on White Box (WHITEBOX 002 - you following this?), and is in my opinion, a killer CD of kick-ass songs from the depths of Gareth Smith's (Stranger Son's main man) warped mind - who'd have thought 4 car mechanics from Ashton were capable of such depravity? Proud to be a part of it...

The end of February saw Greg Haines and myself head out across Europe to promote our forthcoming Liondialer CD. 'LiondialerLIVE!' (WHITEBOX 003 - still with me? Pattern? Indeed), is our first album together and is a sequence of music which was edited by the mysterious Arkhonia, culled from hours of raw improvisations, performed in some of the least welcoming environments to experimental music that Manchester has to offer. Liondialer have been ignored with an almost professional level of commitment by some of the Manchester scene's biggest offenders, and that's the way we like it. I'd like to think that some of those in attendance actually took something positive from the gigs, but with the exception of those we call our friends, I hold out little hope. It also came as no surprise to find that in the three weeks of gigging outside the UK, we were given a warm and attentive welcome everywhere. Click here to read my rather extensive tour diary (which I still have to complete), on the White Box Blog.

Having made several new friends and having drunk more beer than is secretly sewn into Eddie Hitler's jacket, I returned to Manchester as Greg departed for some solo gigs in Italy. We are currently seeking out gigs for around September/October time around Europe (solo gigs) and...(gulp!) the UK (Liondialer gigs). Any interested and committed promoters out there would be most welcome to contact us.

The 'Liondialer LIVE!' album is released this Monday 30th March.

In addition to all of this, I have finally completed work on my first solo album; 'Harsh, Final' will be released in one form or another later this year - August/September time to be precise. The album was recorded at home by little old me, and I'm very pleased to say has been mastered by the superb Icelandic artist and producer Valgeir SigurĂ°sson.

Last but not least, I have been roped into playing guitar for none other than Elvis Presley. Under the banner of 'Elvis In Disguise', the King has indeed resurfaced in, of all places, Manchester - he did not (as most die-hard fans would have you believe), pass away in '77 - instead he had simply chosen like Scott Walker, to become something of a recluse. Fortunately for all of us, he's back and starting from the ground up. Together with his new band, the live actions so far undertaken have been almost guerrilla-like in approach and have, for those lucky enough to be in attendance, been hailed as out 'n' out victories in Elvis' campaign to win back his Throne.

So that's a pretty good start to 2009 I think. As always, lots more to follow.

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  1. All this self-aggrandising is fine, but The Label has you contracted to supply a 'Liondialer - Even More Drunk' tour diary followup. Comply.